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Windermere Property Management
I have worked with My Rental Company for the past 1 year and realized that the staff in the company are professional and hard-working. My rental company does pretty much everything. They accurately estimate monthly rental fee ad charge very small agency fee. They handle the up-front work of making a home tenant ready and market the property. The staff timely communicate with me and explain bills clearly. I highly recommend My Rental Company to manage your property.
Sincerely, Annie Du
We are very thankful for our relationship with them and for their work on our behalf. We appreciate the way they look out for both our interests and the interests of the person who is renting our property. They are a pleasure to deal with in all respects.
Best Regards, The Cordeiro Family
You are reading this letter since you are thinking about using My Rental as your
letting agency. We have been with My Rental for about 7 years and have been very
happy. You will not regret listing your rental with this nice group of people. Heidi
and all the staff at My Rental are professional and responsive. They have let us know if big-ticket repairs are needed in advance and they have given us options on how best to keep the rental occupied. It has been nice not to worry about the day-to-day business of our rental. We would be happy to speak to you further if you are still thinking about going with My Rental.
Best,, Lipi and Greg Turner-Rahman
This letter is to acknowledge the outstanding service by My Rental Company, LLC Team. They
are friendly, knowledgeable and always reachable. They have up-to-date owner portals where I
can view statements and recei^ monthly emails. They keep track ofrental
Sincerely, Wayne Kaneshiro
The staff at My Rental Co. have been our property managers in Pullman, Wa. For approximately 5 years. From assisting us in property preparation for the rental market, finding and screening reliable renters, contacting us whenever an incidental expense occurs, prompt payment to our account, and a detailed statement at the end of the year for taxes. We rely heavily on their expertise and find their fee for their services very reasonable.
Sincerely, Travis & Cheryl Brock
My Rental Company, LLC has managed my property in Pullman, WA for over five years. During this time, I’ve never had even a single vacant month where I wasn’t collecting rent. I appreciate that repairs, maintenance, and cleaning have always been promptly handled. The management fees are extremely fair, and I like the convenience of the online portal for accessing documents and records. Perhaps most importantly, the staff has always been accessible and quick in responding to my messages. Given all this, I strongly recommend the services of My Rental Company, LLC for any prospective owners.
Sincerely, Brendan Williams
All I can say is that you've always been very communicative and I appreciate the fact that you've found good tenants for my property. If I were to buy another property in Pullman, you and your team would be the only group that I would consider.
Sincerely, Adam Carter
I have been absolutely impressed with My Rental Company as manager of my properties. They are efficient, communicate well, and handle problems well , while keeping the owner informed. I would highly recommend them.
Best Regards, Steve Thonney
The staff keep us informed of anything that needs to be done on the properties and are extremely quick to respond to any questions we have. The Staff were very helpful when we needed advice about making change to the properties.
Sincerely, Pat & Les B.
They are attentive, quick communicators, and I am confident in their abilities to manage my investment property in Pullman. I strongly recommend My Rental Company as a manager for residential properties.
Sincerely, Brent Y.
We are now into our fourth year using My Rental Company for our rental house in Pullman. They have been excellent! I don't have a single complaint.
The house has been occupied every month in that time with quality tenants. The accounting statements are clear, concise, and timely. The occasional repair has been handled efficiently. Even if we didn't live across the state, we would use them just for the peace of mind.
Sincerely, Kim & Maria H.
I am extremely satisfied with their Team. They have always been responsive to both our renter's and my needs with the property. They have kept our property rented and maintained throughout our years of doing business. Our proceeds have always been property deposited on time. I am completely happy with their services and management of my properly and would recommend My Rental Company to anyone considering the hiring of a Property Management Company for their property.
Sincerely, G Robert H.
I am writing this memo to provide feedback and recommendations concerning the performance of My Rental Company. I switched from another rental management company three years ago because I was unhappy with the other company’s behavior and I had received multiple complaints about their interactions with the tenants of my property. I had also received notices from the city of Pullman concerning issues that the rental company was supposed to handle when I was traveling for work and/or when I was living in another country for an extended period of time while on sabbatical. Since I changed to My Rental Company, the personnel have been very responsive to my inquiries concerning issues that had arisen (there will always be issues to deal with from time to time with rental properties), and they have been very responsive to inquiries that my tenants have raised from time to time. I have had one of the current tenants comment to me personally about how helpful the people at My Rental Company were for them. Since I changed management companies, I have had zero complaints from tenants and I have had no reason to confront anyone at the company for any reason. That is the way the relationship between the owner of the property and the management company is supposed to work, and I am thankful.
Sincerely, J. Daniel Dolan

Please consider hiring My Rental Company to manage your property.

We have not been disappointed!

When first reaching out to look for a property manager, I researched and read reviews on all the property management companies Pullman, WA had to offer. Although, at that time, they were known under a different name, they had the best reviews and came highly recommended.

They responded quickly to an email I sent them ,with I think 25 questions for starters and even sent me additional information along with people’s recommendation letters.
So after finally narrowing down to their company and one other, I met with my family to make a final decision.

I had other property managers whom responded back with very little information and some that never responded back at all. One company even told my sister that I asked a ridiculous amount of questions in that email and thought because they knew some of my family for years, that we should just hire them.

Well, this is business and should be treated as such!

The staff, will answer your questions via phone or email, in a timely manner. They send out Owner’s reports, telling us how much money we have on account and what expenses they’ve paid on our behalf. We get those each month and just in case you misplace a month, they send the other months as well.

We continue having My Rental Company manage our property and will I’m sure for many years to come.

They are truly a company you can trust and keep you in the highest regard!

Sincerely, Tiffany Groth