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Renter’s Frequently Asked Questions

When is rent due each month?

Rent is due on the first of each month with a five day grace period. There is a 10% late fee charged for payment after the sixth day. If your check is returned we have a standard 50.00 fee on all returned payments.

How can I pay my rent?

Our office takes checks and money orders over the counter. You can also pay online after setting up your account on Appfolio. You can also send your payments by mail to the office. Make sure to include the rental address. We DO NOT accept cash.  We prefer online payments to help ease the reminder of mailing or dropping off your rent payment.

What happens if I need to pay rent late?

You need to call our office immediately to make arrangements. We can’t help with late payments if we are not informed!

How can I submit a maintenance request?

The fastest way to submit a request is via through your online portal by email. You can also contact our maintenance department at: (509) 338-4653 during regular business hours.  If you have after hours request you may contact our maintenance contact center at (509) 592-4671. If you have an emergency please click the link above or call 911.

What classifies as an emergency?

An emergency is an event where there is imminent or current damage or harm to yourself or the property. If you are endangered or the property is damaged by flood or fire, please call our emergency line at (509) 592-4671 or 911.

How do you notify me when someone is coming to my home for repairs?

Our office will send you an email when a maintenance person will be on the premises. It is typically up to the vendor to text or call you when they arrive.

How do you return security deposits?

Security deposit returns are closely monitored by the state. We return your security deposit by regular mail within 21 days of the lease end date.  We will send an email if we have to send out an estimated security deposit disposition and also by regular mail within 21 days of the lease end date.

How do i replace lost keys?

Lost keys are taken care of during regular business hours. If you need an emergency lockout there is a $75.00 key charge. You can also call a locksmith at your own expense or get replacement keys made.

How do I keep my apartment if my roommate wants to leave?

We put a lot of effort into marketing our properties and will help you find a roommate. Call our office and notify us immediately so we can get to work filling the vacancy!

How do you handle complaints?

If your neighbor is inconsiderate and breaking traditional “House Rules”, make sure and talk to your neighbor first! This resolves most circumstances. If a polite request is ignored, contact our office and we will help facilitate any additional problems. We want to ensure our properties are a great place for everyone to live.

What are your typical pet policies?

We love pets! We charge a 150 pet deposit (100.00 is refundable if the property is not damaged at the end of your lease) per pet. Any units that allow pets are marked on our website.  This charge is subject to change without notice.  We also require all our pet applicants to be screened through  Please see the link below.

How do I add someone to my lease?

New occupants will need to fill out our online application. When they have submitted the application, stop by the office to fill out the additional paperwork. Thats it!

What happens if I break my lease?

You are responsible for your entire lease term, however if you need to break your lease call our office immediately! We will start advertising your unit immediately. Pullman vacancies do not last long and we will try to have a new renter as soon as possible.  You will pay a sublease fee per your lease agreement and you forfeit your security deposit.  You will also be responsible for rent till we are able to find a replacement tenant.

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