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Rental Season is Upon Us!

Posted by Heidi on April 8, 2016
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Rental Season is Upon Us!Rental Season is here again!

Each year as rental season starts, everyone starts frantically searching for new apartments from April-May! It’s part of the reason we send out renewal letters so early! If you’re a current renter, make sure and send in your letters! We have so many new families looking for homes you don’t want to be left out!

There are many factors that go in to securing a new rental home, and you can improve your chances by taking a few precautionary steps:

  1. DON’T WAIT! Inventory locally is extremely low! If your looking for a new home, start the search soon! Getting closer to summer our units start to open up. Make sure you check back on the site to secure a showing before anyone else!
  2. Check your Credit Report. We are required by the state to run criminal and background checks on potential renters (partially for the safety of the property owners). Make sure you don’t have any outstanding issues on your personal credit report. This simple check in can save tons of problems in the future!
  3. Check the website, not the office. Here at Windermere Property Management we run a tight ship! The first step we take when a property opens up is listing it on our website. Calling or emailing for availability will actually take more time then checking the website. With so many renters looking for new homes, just hit “refresh!”
  4. Know your lease end date. You would be surprised (or not) how many people don’t know when their lease end date! You don’t want to double up on houses! Check with your current property manager to ensure your lease end date! You will thank us!
  5. Don’t Rely on your security deposit. If you are moving from one property manager to a different one, your going to need two security deposits. The state governs the return of deposits, but the process can sometimes take 2-6 weeks. Don’t risk losing your new apartment while waiting to get the money back! Having two deposits is hard, but it will ensure your new home is available!

We are all gearing up for the nice weather of the Palouse summer! Make sure to follow our simple steps to ensuring your rental season is happy instead of hectic!

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